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The First Siberian Cat Club Show

The 2018 show was held on the 3rd of February, in conjunction with the North of Britain Longhair and Semi Longhair Cat Club show.

The committee would like to say a big thank you to all those who attended, organised and contributed to the day.

Guide to Showing

Before you decide to show your Siberian it is advisable to visit a show without your cat to get an idea of what shows are like. It is a good idea to talk to other experienced exhibitors too, who will usually be happy to provide handy hints and tips on showing.

In order to show your cat at a GCCF show, it must be registered with the GCCF and transferred into your name at leased 3 weeks before the show. There is a list of shows holding Siberian classes above and GCCF website has a full list of forthcoming shows this year. The schedule, which can be found both in the table above and on the GCCF website, will have information on the classes your cat is eligible to enter. You cat can enter one champion or assesment class and usually at least 3 miscellaneous classes. Make sure you complete the entry form carefully, checking you cat's details against your GCCF registration form, and that you enclose a cheque for the correct amount. It is advisable to send a self address envelope with your entry which will be returned to you to confirm that your entry has been accepted.

A few days before the show, check your cat is in good health, has no fleas, cuts, scabs etc as it will be checked by a vet before the show and not allowed in, if not in tip top condition. You will also have to take its vaccination card as proof that its vaccinations are up to date. Boosters must have been given at least 7 days before the show. Also, make sure you clip its claws.

Prepare your show bag: you will need a plain white blanket with no identifying marks on it (to place in the show pen) a white litter tray, white food and water bowls. All these items can be purchased at the larger cat shows. Take with you cat litter, cat food and a brush or comb for some last minute grooming. It is also a good idea to take anti-bacterial spray and a cleaning cloth to wipe out your pen.

Blue Tortie Tabby Female being judged for a misc. class

You usually need to arrive between about 7.30am and 9.30am, make sure you allow enough time for traffic prolems as you will not be allowed in late. Once your cat has been checked ny one of the Show Vets find its pen and settle it in. At 10am all exhibitors are asked to leave the hall so judging can commence. At this time you are also asked to remove food bowls from the pens.

You are allowed back into the hall about 2 or 3 hours later, when the show hall opens to the public. Hopefully you will find several certificates on your pen showing what your cat has won! At this point you may return the food bowl to the pen and your cat may also have one small toy to play with. You may take your cat out of the pen for cuddles and strokes during the afternoon, however you must stay near the pen so that you can quickly put it back if a judge comes to examine it. As the misc. classes are judged (which happens throughout the afternoon) the results are posted on results boards so you can see where your cat has been placed in its classes. Some shows will require you to take your certificates up to the show table to collect your rosettes and/or Prize money, others will deliver the rosettes to your pen.

Your are not allowed to remove your cat from the show hall until the show manager has announced the end of the show.

First Siberian to attain the title of UK Olympian Gold Imperial Grand Champion Lyndongraey Grigori.

Standard of Points

The PDF file below is the full Standard of Point as recognised by the GCCF. It contains a general overview of the breed, specific guidelines relating to head, cheekbones, ears, eyes, body, legs and feet, coat and colour and pattern. It also details the scale on which points are allocated, reasons to withhold certificates or first prizes in open classes and a photographic example of good type.

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