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Our Mission

As a breed club we are dedicated to the Promotion and Development of the Siberian Cat within the UK. We aim to provide information and support to Siberian owners, exhibitors and breeders alike.

How to Join
If you wish to join or renew your membership to the Siberian Cat Club please print and complete the form provided below and return it with the appropriate fee to our Membership Secretary.

If you are purchasing a kitten from one of our registered breeders please ask them for details of membership and to sign your application, alternatively your Veterinary Surgeon can sign to propose your membership.

We look forward to you joining us.
SCC Membership Application Form

SCC Breeder Membership Form To be completed by breeder members alongside the application form and sent in with a signed copy of the Breeder Code of Ethics.​​


Please be aware that renewals are due from January, any renewals received after 1st March will be considered new memberships​.

We would also like to make all our breeder members aware that we have introduced a Breeder Code of Ethics this year and will require our breeder members to agree to this before we will be able to accept your renewal.

SCC Membership Renewal Form

SCC Breeder Membership Form To be completed by breeder members alongside the renewal form and sent in with a signed copy of the Breeder Code of Ethics

The Committee

Our committee is there to support all our members, so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or feedback.

Patrons: Justin Ryan & Colin McAllister (Celebrity Designers from The Million Pound Property Experience)

President: George Gow

The Officers of the Siberian Cat Club Committee - as of the 2017 AGM:


Position Held



Linda Dutton

Vice Chair

Frances Peace


Kate Staveley


Claire Norman


The following positions are held within the committee:

Position Held


Membership Secretary

Claire Norman

Welfare Officer

Kate Staveley

Committee Member

Frances Peace

Committee Member

Sue Yates

Committee Member

Sophie Butcher


​The Siberian Cat Club for the UK was founded on the 23rd March 2002 by a handful of friends interested in bringing Siberian cats to the UK. 2002 was an exciting year with the first Siberians entering quarantine facilities in the UK in January and February and many more arriving later in the year on pets' passports.

​Since the the Siberian cat has become increasingly popular as more and more people fall in love with its gorgeous looks and its loyal, fun loving personality.

​We have a good number of cats imported from various countries including Russia, USA, Finland, France, Italy and Germany. These cats have been chosen for type, health and compatibility and therefore form a good foundation for a healthy gene pool. Between the various registered club breeders we are now in a position to breed almost all of the recognised colours, including solid white. There have been numerous litters of kittens born in the UK over the last few years, some of which have gone on to have kittens and grand-kittens of their own! There is at the present time in excess of a dozen Siberian cats, in various countries, waiting for their pet's passports to come into the UK, this will introduce new lines and keep the gene pool as diverse as possible.

​The Siberian Cat Club was granted our full affiliation to the GCCF in October 2009. We have a healthy membership representing a large proportion of the Siberian breeders and pet owners in the UK.

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